[FEATURE] Guild System


1.Join and Create a guild
Players reach level 19 can create or join a guild. Create guild fee is 233 diamonds

2. Guild system

- A Guild has one President and 2 Vice Leaders

- Vice Leader can accept joining guild, remove member, sign guild battle

- President can decide everything, promote members, recieve more reward from the battle,... and more.

- Number of member depend on guild level

3. Level up

- Members do guild activities will recieve Guild EXP.

- If the guild level is higher, the members will receive more gifts

- When the guild level reach the high enough level, the game will unlock new function: Guild Skill, Guild Battle

4. Contribution

- Members play guild activities can recieve not only EXP guild, but also contribution points

- Contribution points can be used for level up guild skill or exchange equipment, soul in Guild SHOP

5. Guild Benifit

Join a guild, all member can recieve benifit depend on guild level

6. Donate
- Guild members can donate some items for create The Greate Sword for defeat Devil King.

- The more Quality of donation, The more Contribution and Guid EXP

- In Guild Shop, members can user contribution points to buy equipment, Soul stone

- The number that members can buy is limitted, shop will reset at 12 AM

8. Guild Skill
Guild reach enough level can unlock Guild Skill. Members user contribution points to upgrade level. The Statics of guild skill will be added for heroes in battle.